10 Winter Foods Warm your Body When It’s Freezing

Silhouette of Mug Near Windowpane

When the temps drop, and the weather is colder outside, there’s no warmer place but home.

Sitting by the fireplace and covering our selves up with layers to feel the warmth and the relaxation heat can gives us, while eating more food than we used to before in the sunny days.

Which on one hand is quite beneficial to the body especially in cold and rainy weathers which are providing necessary energy to the body which can help keep the body’s temperature stay stable, but on the other hand just eating too much random stuff that comes your way is not ideal, and that will eventually cause too much fat. Not only too much food, but the decrease of physical activities during cold generates even more fats.

So, in order to improve our health and well-being by eating the best foods that are available in almost any grocery store, to take advantage of this period and protect ourselves from potential flu or cold infection.

Below is a compiled list of 10 foods that are very beneficial to your health in cold weathers.

1. Clementines

Close-up of Clementines in Bowl

Clementine, these little orange-like balls, full of Vitamin C, is the perfect freshening fruit for cold weather as it boosts the immune system.

Clementine reaches its peak production in the period of October to January according to Food Network, these clementines are known to be routinely eaten during Christmastime.