3 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog

Dog Lying Down on Grass

Fleas on your dog are one of the annoying things for your pet and to you as well, every time you came back from a walk with your dog you notice him scratching his fur therefore you have to wash him every time especially during hot seasons (summer).

But as with every problem comes a solution, we have collected the most confirmed natural ways to get rid of your dog’s annoying fleas the right way.

DISCLAIMER: Before trying any of our natural remedies you should consult your vet. Something works for everybody doesn’t mean it will work for YOUR dog.

The first thing to do before even considering a remedy is to know how to check your dog if it has fleas, and this is how:

  • Do a thorough inspection of your puppy’s fur with a comb or just your fingers
  • To make it easier for you, PetMD advises that you lie down your dog on its back
  • Look closely on these zones: ears, armpits and the groin area. It’s where fleas love to live.

Now after you learned how to do the inspection, it’s time to know and look for the signs that indicate your dog has fleas.

  1. You might already know that fleas are small and very fast, thus it’s hard to notice them. However, you should look for “Flea Dirt” that’s like a black pepper or a fine dark dirt they tend to leave behind.
  2. Abnormal amount of redness, scratching, biting or licking, is a good sign your dog has fleas, and these signs may cause lesions or red patches if the dog is sensitive to flea bites.
  3. The scratching and licking or flea bites are known to cause some dogs Alopecia or Hair Loss.
  4. Fleas adapt and can quickly breed on your dog’s fur if ignored, resulting in tons of fleas biting all the time causing a very high demand for new blood cells which the dog’s body can’t keep up with. Then a sign of serious flea infestation would start to appear, which is “Pale Gums”. If happened, immediate relief is needed.

Did you know that it’s possible for fleas to bite humans as well? Though thankfully it isn’t as harmful as to our furry mates. Because dogs have warm and cushy fur which is basically a flea paradise. However, a red spot circled by a red halo is all a flea bite can do to a human skin.

Now on to the part you’re here for:

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Dog Using Natural Remedies

Now after you checked and made sure your puppy has fleas in his fur, this list will help you getting rid of them through these natural and biological ways. Not only that, we also have some tips and advices to help you protect your dog against picking up fleas.