31 Days Of Fitness Changed My Life: Story From A Chronic Alcoholic

Man in White Dress Shirt Holding Glass Bottle on Brown Wooden Table
Man in White Dress Shirt Holding Glass Bottle on Brown Wooden Table

In my twenties I used to be an alcohol addict till the point of being a chronic alcoholic, which caused my health to decrease in very a bad way, I got almost all sorts of health issues, from diabetes to thyroid, and without mentioning the high blood pressure and low testosterone level which was a big issue.

When I got checked by the doctor, I remember how he told me if I stayed in this pace and kept feeding my addiction mindlessly I will never be able to marry, which was very terrifying to me since I always dreamed of one day having family and kids.

So, the change must happen. The addiction ruined my life, and sure it will do the same to anyone else, it’s not like getting addicted to eating sweets extensively, this is another scary level.

First, I changed how I eat

The first thing I did was to change the way I take my food for the better and the best way was to adhere to a particular diet (Never heard of keto diet? Read about it here) which will help me to keep my protein level as high as 150 to 250g and keep my fats low around 50g and less carbohydrates intake.

While in the progress of keeping myself in a strict diet away from rampage eating, I learned that the same rules that apply to me to quit alcoholism and holding strong against my addiction also fits weight loss.