36 Signs of How Real Man Should Treat His Woman

Man Wearing White Dress Shirt and Black Necktie

It’s much known that a man who always disrespects and underestimates the power of his woman is not a man, period. A man should strive to always be in the eyes of his lady making the relationship happier and healthier.

So, in this list we’ll show you what traits you should look for in the man of your dreams.

Traits of a real man:

  • Treats his woman as a priority and always first in his life
  • Gives a high priority and appreciates the value of the relationship he and his partner are in.
  • Makes her feel so valuable and important to him because he will never want to doubt his sincerity
  • Being worthy of your love, is what he’s striving for
  • Shows his woman how much she deserves him
  • Makes her feel how much he cares about her not just by saying “I care”
  • Doesn’t just keep speaking, he transforms his words into real actions
  • He shows more than he tells her how much she matters in his life
  • Can’t let his girl wait for his reply to her message
  • He isn’t the type of guy that makes you anxious or worried about what he’s doing when you’re not around
  • He’s not going to make you question the state of your relationship
  • Strives to be a better partner for you by making conscious efforts
  • Always wants to know more about you, not just by knowing what your favorite food is or what movies you watch
  • Makes the effort to get in deep with you
  • Strives to find out what he can do to be a better man in your life
  • He wants to familiarize himself with every aspect of your personality because he knows you deserve that kind of attention to detail
  • He doesn’t always ask what you want to do or where you are going to, because he already knows his woman well and what her preferences are
  • Takes the initiative in your relationship
  • Anticipates all of your needs and meets them before you ask him
  • He is going to arrange fantastic dates for you because he knows that that is what it takes to get intimate.
  • Makes concerted effort to make you fall in love with him every single day
  • Whenever was the opportunity, he brings a sense of excitement and mystery to the relationship, because he knows how that makes the relationship so much fun
  • Doesn’t treat you just like an extra or unnecessary person he knows
  • He finds joy and happiness in being able to be of service to you
  • His happiness is tied to your happiness first
  • Does all of this because he knows what it really takes to make a relationship work and never gets tired of keeping that pace
  • Does the impossible to just accommodate you in his life
  • Exposes you to every aspect of his life and goes as open with you as he can
  • Wants you to meet his closest friends and family
  • Exposes you to his deepest passions and interests
  • Holds your hand as you explore every part of his life, because he knows this is what he needs to do in order to get you to trust him
  • A real man always fights for his woman’s trust
  • Doesn’t pick random fights against you like the previous women you met, but fights for you
  • Makes you feel how committed he is to this relationship that you have together
  • Never makes you feel alone or isolated
  • Never makes you feel like you don’t have a partner in this life.

So, the list above is how a man should be, but don’t count on it much, because maybe no one will have all the traits above combined, but as much as he has is better than nothing.