Driver Pulling Over To Film Beautiful Horses Galloping By

highway stampede

Spotting horses in some regions is nothing special, but in others seeing a horse with your eyes like seeing a god-made super-car especially in somewhere unexpected like a highway.

To some, galloping around on a steed horse preferred than sitting behind a steering wheel of a car. I’d love if horses were street legal, I digress. I remember seeing horses for the first time in my small town, in a local carnival. Can’t stress enough how happy I was as a 5 yo kid, but something like the scene in the clip below is a unique thing of its kind to me, I never witnessed so amazing as this.

The great number of horses riding down this long highway in Hungary clearly doesn’t need a rider, they’re riding themselves to the right direction although they’re in the oncoming lane. Luckily every one pulled over to witness the moment, one of them kindly shared the moment with us and remembered to bring his phone out of his pocket and shoot a complete video!

If I were him, I am not sure I would have even remembered to open the window after unexpectedly seeing stampeding steeds like that!

It’s easy to be distracted by the charm of each of the 13 horses as you hear their galloping sound pass by you.

My favorite has to be the slowpoke trying to catch up with his horse buddies at the very end of the clip! I’m sure they cheated and got a head start or he would have been right up there with the rest, too.

Take a look at the amazing moment in this video.