Fried Foods Shorten Your Lifespan. Study Shows

Fried Potatoes Food

You may have noticed that in every healthy diet plan you come across; all have shared item in their no-no list – fried food. Scientists have done many studies that prove how consuming fried foods could cause several health issues and provided evidence that it will affect cardiovascular health and heighten the risk of type 2 diabetes. Not only that, it fries out your lifespan as well!

In a recent study done by some investigators from the University of Iowa in Iowa City USA on women over 50 years to see the effects fried food it can have on the health as well as to see if it really shortens the lifespan. What they deducted was terrifying, fried food actually increases the risk of a person’s early death.

As they dug deeper, they found which of the fried foods is the most harmful and likely to cause death. Their study findings are posted in the BMJ website in more details.

106,966 women aging 50-79 years who joined the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, researchers worked with the data collected from them that first started in 1993 till 1998 and looked at the follow-up information that extends until February 2017. And that came up with very interesting yet terrifying results.

Over the course of the study (1993-2017), 31,588 participants died:

  • 9,320 due to heart problems
  • 8,358 cancer disease
  • 13,880 because of other causes

the WHI study didn’t just track lifespans but asked its participants to fill in some surveys detailing their eating habits and their specific amounts they eat of every type of food and how often they do. The results were categorized into 3 categories by the researchers:

  • Fried chicken
  • Fried fish, fish sandwich, and fried shellfish (shrimp or oysters)
  • Other fried foods (French fries, Tortilla chips, or Tacos)

This gave researchers a clue that there’s a correlation between eating fried food on a daily basis and increased heart problems and thus higher risk of death.

The researchers also found after accounting for modifying factors, including lifestyle, diet quality, income, and education level, that participants who eat at least one serving of friend food on a daily basis had 8% higher risk of death compared to those who don’t eat fried foods.

The effect of specific fried foods according to researchers:

  • Eating at least one serving of fried chicken a day led to 13% higher risk of death from all causes and a 12% heightened risk of death relating to heart problems
  • Eating at least one serving of fried fish or shellfish a day led to a 7% increase in the risk of death from any cause and a 13% higher risk of death from heart-related problems.

But the only piece of the puzzle that didn’t get solved yet, is if there is a link between eating fried foods and the risk of cancer-related death.

The age of women that often eat fried food, is mostly between 50 and 65 years old. Researchers have also noted that most of them are have dark skin, lower education levels, the smoke, and living an overall poor life with little income.

The researchers also did come a cross a conclusion from whom did the study which said:

“Reducing the consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish, may have clinically meaningful impact across the public health spectrum.” The study authors said

The researchers acknowledge that even though they have accounted for many modifying factors in their research, they’re certain that they did not include every factor in their analysis because there are still some unidentified ones.

But still, the researchers claimed that they “have identified a risk factor for cardiovascular mortality that is readily modifiable by lifestyle.” Which is still a respectable claim.