How an Over-weighed Lady Overcome her Fear from the Gym

Woman Doing Bicep Curls

She once was fat woman, fighting herself to escape her Over-weighed body. She attended the weight room since three years until now, and still whenever she steps into that gym, it doesn’t feel to her at all like if that is a friendly space, everything about it is just made for boys and an overall intimidating space, especially for women to walk through. However the good thing is, even all her assumptions were that she’s never excel in anything, her body seems enjoying the gym and steadily changing its shape for the better and proving her wrong.

The problem with our society is that over the years, the idea of gym have related so much to men, because they’re known to be in it more than women do. Although this isn’t always correct, there are still some machines that are dedicated to women, like the cardio machine. But they’re rarely available, and most of the space is dominated by weight lifting machines and men who are training their bodies for gains to become bigger and stronger, which makes it more comfy for men, whereas on the other side, newcomer women who are just looking to be fit and have light body, don’t feel it comfortable, because imagine a scenario where a gym is full of males and a new girl wants to come and begin her first day in the gym. But thankfully over the recent years, we’ve started seeing more and more women getting into weight lifting besides men.

By putting our shoes in these fat women’s life, we can understand the situation. Being the fattest kid in school wasn’t the best place to be in, they’re always isolated from school sports because the uniform doesn’t fit them or their performance is just not good enough, especially when you always finish last in the mile run. So this is enough to create some thoughts in her head, and eventually the gym is the only way out, to get the must-have body shape.

While she by no means stopped exercising, she’s beginning to hate it, and getting very bored of it. Even taking dance classes were not interesting because all she was trying to do is escape her bad shaped body and use that time to flee with her mind into the good pictures she’s imagining of her future self which hopefully is going to be satisfying.

Her college life wasn’t great either, she have wanted to lose weight, even though they had a weight room, no body that ever comes to that room was shaped like her, so she felt kind of lonely and stayed away, and just kept stretching, not knowing what to do, because there was no body to show her how to train, that made her ask herself too many questions, like. How would I have even begun in a safe way? what if I did something to make myself look stupid or weak? What if I struggled? Failed?! By then she had internalized that as a woman she was not allowed by the society to fain, not even once, because she felt like she is a representative of her gender, if she fell short, even once, that means she’d make all members of woman kind hard for them to be taken seriously resulting in a much bigger gender problems.. so, she never tried.

Until her twenties when the change started to happen. She started seeing some strong women who have built muscles and go to gym with rose pink booty shorts, and proudly picture themselves for social media, have caught her attention, and she desperately wanted to join them to experience the strength a woman can have. So she did, met her first trainer which have motivated and encouraged her so much throughout her training life until she felt the change, she wasn’t expecting to make such change at all, although it wasn’t quick and easy at first to even lift a dime sized weight plate while others were lifting them times that and with ease, but she made it at the end, and had to celebrate with her little family and her supportive trainer who always listened to her and celebrated every small accomplishments she made. This success made her life change completely and for the better, she have now built confidence and started sleeping well, and feeling gratification and most importantly she built the sense of joy in her practicing and training which used to be a nightmare for her three years ago. Although her shape didn’t change much, because she’s genetically fat, she now able to life the heaviest weight without breaking a sweat.

So the moral of this lady’s story is, it doesn’t make sense to waste years of yourself for the comfort of others. Remember that she have feared the gym and the weight room, but now she hopes that more women will stop being afraid of doing the things they want to do and achieve the success they once dreamed of, that being said, the weight room is for everyone and women are a part of it.