Science Finds: True love, is Actually Blind Love

Man Holding Flowers Standing Beside Woman on Railroad

When both a man a woman first get caught up in the initial phase of true passion, the phase of falling in love. The brain experiences an overload of activities throughout various parts of it, causing the ignorance of every negative emotions or thoughts about the other partner at that moment, and only focus on the moment.

While this at the same time impacts their ability to make solid and realistic social judgments about their new love interest. This is backed by the Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience’s research at the University College London.

That is to say that our brain’s chemistry is planned to make us forget and throw away any love or relationship advice we’ve used to memorize no matter how much or where we got it from, and go nuts for that guy or that pretty lady.

Building a healthy and sustainable long-term relationship and most importantly, improving self-confidence is a no-brainer to keep in mind that usually good judgments are made during the early excitement days of meeting someone new or even dating him or her.

So it’s important to remember some helpful pieces of advice and few hints in order to nail the most success. Here we picked the top five most seriously important relationship advice that both him and her overlook way too often when they fell in the chemical rush of love.